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Inner City Kids Return From Yellowstone

This post originally appeared on the The Bozeman Daily Chronicle.

YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK - Peering through a spotting scope at a gray wolf lying under a tree in the Lamar Valley, Kwanetta Davis smiled.

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Called the Turner Twelve. the group is made up of 12 students from inner city Dallas, Texas who live in the Turner Court housing project. The students spend time studying, traveling and supporting one another. The program was started by a Dallas coach who wanted to change the community struggling with high drop out rates low numbers of college graduates. Mickendra Barrett is one of the Turner Twelve.

"I gained confidence because Coach Carter always taught us ok, you don't know until you try, try it, you might like it, or if you try it you could succeed," Barrett said.

A dozen kids from an inner city Texas High School found themselves drinking hot chocolate in a Bozeman coffee shop Friday morning. They were part of an organization that passed through Bozeman after spending a week exploring Yellowstone National Park.

This past week the Turner Twelve spent time in Yellowstone learning about the area and seeing things many of them might never have experienced. Jeniece Madison is another Turner Twelve member, she said visiting Yellowstone "was pretty cool to see the wild. It was like being in a jungle and I thought it was like the best experience ever."

The impact the program has on these children is clear, every one of them has graduated high school and is planning to attend college. The students said they live by what they call a creed, "whatever you can vividly imagine, whatever you can sincerely believe, whatever you can ardently desire, whatever you can enthusiastically act upon will inevitable become the past."

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