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Yashica Bell

Yashica Bell, Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) Compliance Manager, joined Mutual of Omaha Bank in August 2013 to oversee the compliance functions of the CRA/Community Affairs department. Ms. Bell’s current role includes, but not limited to, identifying, prioritizing, monitoring, auditing, reporting and addressing and/or resolving risk and compliance issues related to the Bank’s CRA data; conducting a 100% review of the Bank’s CRA data to ensure data integrity remains at less than a 5% error rate; managing the compilation, auditing, and submission of the Institution’s CRA loan data to the Federal Reserve Board, annually; conducting CRA Small Business/Small Farm compliance trainings to employees; conducting analysis for the opening, closing, and relocation of branches; updating the Institution’s CRA Public File and compliance notices to branches within its assessment areas; assisting in the regulatory CRA Exam preparation for the bank and handling any CRA data integrity questions from the Bank examiner; serves as the Institution’s representative at internal compliance committees, non-profit organizations and regulatory conferences/events.

Darrell Harris has over 20 years of accounting experience. He began his professional career in Los Angeles, Ca at Coopers-PriceWaterhouse, then Coopers and Lybrand (one of the eight largest accounting firms in the world). He was placed in the nonprofit auditing sector and immediately developed a passion for the service industry. He has also served in vital financial roles for prominent business organizations: Finance Director, Motown Records (legendary pioneer of soul music); Business Planning Manager, Kal Kan Pet Care (pet-care products manufacturer with over a billion dollars in sales); Fiscal Director, AADAP (nonprofit human services organization with over 50 governmental grants and contracts).

Ms. Bell has over 19 years of experience in the financial services industry with experience to include ensuring internal Lines of Businesses adhere to FEMA's National Flood Insurance Program and other flood related regulatory policies and procedures; data collection, reporting and submission of lending, services and investments data to Bank Regulators; preparation of institution's CRA exam; development and relationship management of community groups and other organizations targeting low and moderate income neighborhoods and individuals; nonprofit board participation; handling of internal audits and risk assessments for institution; updating and management of department's procedures manuals, updating and management of department's disaster recovery plans; analysis of CRA and Fair Lending data; HMDA/CRA training for 75 employees; management and reporting of department's budget; implementation of an electronic database to collect data for purchased loans; the update and distribution of CRA regulatory notices to banking centers; analysis and reporting of opened, closed and relocated banking centers; financial literacy training to both youth and adults.

She currently serves as the Secretary for Jeffries Street Learning Center. Previously, Ms. Bell served on the Board of Urban Financial Services Coalition-Dallas Chapter (2004-2012).

She decided to join Turner 12’s Board of Directors because she has a passion for the youth (because they are our future) and there are so many who don’t get to reach their dreams and goals because they don’t have the knowledge, resources, and positive role models to assist them on their journey called Life. Serving on the Turner 12 board will allow her to use her knowledge, skills, and resources to help youth… 12 students at a time. When her time with Turner 12 comes to a close, she hopes her legacy will be continued by another caring adult (possibly a Turner 12 graduate) who has the passion to help the younger generation and willing to commit and provide resources to help them reach their dreams and goals.

Ms. Bell has two children, Natasha and Justin, and lives in Dallas, TX.