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Aurora E. Villasante

Aurora Estela Villasante Madrazo was born in Monterrey, Mexico. Her family consists of two amazing parents, Ruben Villasante and Aurora Estela Madrazo and a younger brother. Aurora credits her family for molding her into the person she is today. Aurora lived in Guadalajara, Mexico until she was 7. Her father was offered the opportunity to move to the United States with the company that he worked for. Thinking about the well-being of his family, her father took the job and her family moved to Miami, Florida.

Aurora and her family lived in Miami, Florida for three years. During that time, Aurora learned English and made lots of international friends. At the age of 10, Aurora and her family moved to Medford, New Jersey, where she basically grew up – went to elementary, middle school and completed a year of high school. After being in the United States for several years, Aurora’s family moved back to her mother’s hometown, Saltillo, Mexico. Moving back to Mexico was a culture shock for Aurora. But, after a while she was grateful for the decision her father made. Living in both United States and Mexico has given me a totally different perspective of life. It taught her to be thankful for everything you have and to be mindful of others.

Aurora has always wanted to live in Paris, France. During high school she took a job as an English teacher to raise money for her trip. Upon graduation from high school, Aurora moved to Paris as an au pair. She moved in with a family and took care of two little girls. Living in Paris and working as an au pair was one of the most fulfilling and inspiring experiences of her life.

After spending a year and a half in Paris, Aurora moved to Monterrey, Mexico, where she had the blessing to study at the best school in Mexico (Instituto Technologico de Monterrey). She majored in marketing with a minor in public relations and communications. During college, Aurora was always involved in volunteering and student council. During the last two years of college, Aurora joined Valia (a center of professional and personal development, which provides enrichment to students and helps them become agents of change. Participating in Valia really helped Aurora find her purpose in life—to be an agent of change in everything she does.

After graduating from college, Aurora went to work for Mission Foods as a marketing coordinator. Mission Foods is a tortilla and tortilla chip manufacturer.

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